About UniqueTraining Group

What We Do For You

We will create a complete workout and nutrition program that is designed and optimized specifically for you – and we will train/coach you through it in our private state-of-the-art gym. No guess work on your end, you just have to be willing to work hard and execute.

There is no “magic pill” fitness approach out there, but we are exceedingly skilled at determining the best approach for you, based on your genetics, your history, your lifestyle, and of course the latest scientific data.

The Ideal Client for Us

Statistically, most people never reach their fitness goals, but at UTG we crank out many success stories, by far more than you can find anywhere else.

The ideal type of client for us understands and appreciates the amazing-ness of what we do. Would you like for us to eliminate guess work for you and coach you throughout the entire process? Are you ready to commit and work hard at executing your customized fitness program to get the best possible results? If yes, then you’re perfect for us!

Meet The Dream Team


Tamir Greenberger

Tamir is a fitness researcher, writer, and general enthusiast, with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in female fitness, menopausal fitness, contest prep diets and individualizing optimized training blocks for all population types. Tamir has experience with all known dietary / training protocols, and works closely with clients to find the optimal approach for their specific needs.

Tamir has incredible experience with the psychological aspects of diet and fitness, especially with women who are more susceptible to age-related changes. His talent also extends to overcoming obstacles/plateaus that come up during a diet and/or fitness program.


Andrew Sayler

Andrew is a leading certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and professional powerlifter. He is a functional anatomy specialist, which includes correcting imbalances, dealing with joint pain, rehabilitation of injuries, post-PT rehab, and senior fitness. He often designs powerful strength and conditioning programs for athletes.

Andrew is one of the best at discovering individual strength and weaknesses, and developing customized programs for effective strengthening of joints, building muscle, and significantly improving overall strength and fitness of all population types.


Mario Canas

Mario is a bodybuilding and personal training guru. He applies the latest scientific principles to effectively maximize body fat loss and muscle gain for all client types, and further optimizes individual programs to reach their personal goals as fast as possible. Mario also has experience working with athletes, adolescents, teenagers, and seniors.

Mario is as good as it gets when it comes to fitness physiology, targeted bodybuilding, and fitness program adherence. His clients achieve long-term success, because he keeps them motivated, accountable, and enthusiastic throughout their fitness journey.

about unique training group

Team Effort

Tamir, Mario, and Andrew work together on each individual client. They combine their unique set of skills so that every person gets the best possible considerations and outcome. As a UTG client you don’t have to pick your trainer, you get all three (but you can still choose to be trained exclusively by your favorite).