What are Battle Ropes?

The benefits of battle ropes are extraordinary, because they are one of the most versatile tools in fitness training that exist today. You can go to Zumba class, Yoga, Pilates, jog, sprint, lift, etc. - but anyone looking to maximize training efficiency is not going to overlook a favorite instrument used by gyms and professional athletes around the globe.

Battle ropes are relatively inexpensive and come in various diameters and lengths, which affect the overall weight of the rope. Ideally you start with a lighter rope (ie. 15 pounds), and work your way up from there.

But lets talk about the specific benefits of battle roping, and why it is a superior form of training.

Battle Rope Benefit #1: Resistance and Cardiovascular Training Simultaneously

Try any exercise with the battle rope... it will be impossible for you to not feel both your heart rate climb quickly, as well as the burning sensation in the muscle groups involved - even with very little effort! You can also achieve this same result with regular weights, or any other exercise routine - but you would have to specifically push yourself hard.

Another unique attribute to the battle ropes, is that you can combine it with virtually any exercise. For example, you can do regular waves while also doing static lunges.

Which brings me to the next benefit...

Battle Rope Benefit #2: All Muscle Groups Are Used

It is no secret among professionals that the foundation of any strength routine (or any exercise regimen), is compound functional resistance training. Fortunately, it is impossible to utilize the ropes without incorporating many, and often ALL muscle groups.

Battle ropes work the core muscles in ways that few other training tools can, by utilizing the shoulders and hips, by forcing you to brace your core, and by stabilizing your spine during explosive movements. This exercise is one of the best ways to increase overall work capacity... and yes it will certainly help you add muscle and tone to your arms!

Battle Rope Benefit #3: Low Impact but Same BIG Results

Continuing with understanding the versatility provided by battle ropes, you can do maximum force exertion training (plyometrics) with jumps and such, just like you would if you were sprinting uphill, doing suicides, or jump routines.

However, for those that cannot take high-impact training, you can still receive the same results. For example, instead of doing high-intensity interval training with legs, you can do it with your arms... and you would still be maximizing your heart rate, oxygen deficit, and functional/compound training.

All this leads to the fourth and potentially most important benefit for those of you looking to burn fat...

Battle Rope Benefit #4: Maximum Caloric Burn

The fitness industry always makes caloric burn claims: "this will burn xxx calories in xxx minutes for you."

Well, besides the fact that only an ignorant person would make claims like that, the reality is if you want to burn more calories, and thus lose more body-fat, you will have to push yourself hard. In other words, there is a direct relationship between how much effort you exert, and how many calories you burn.

So let's use that information objectively: how many fitness tools do you know of that can elevate your heart rate fast with minimal effort, work all muscle groups simultaneously, and allow you to go on for prolonged periods of time due to a low-impact on your central nervous system, joints, and other body parts?

4 battle rope benefits

Battle Rope Routine Samples

Battle Rope Complex #1: Perform 2 rounds, 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest.
-Double Arm Slams
-Double Arm Waves
-Alternate Waves
-Grappler Hip Tosses (Stage Coaches)
-Lateral Waves (Snakes)

Battle Rope Complex #2: Perform 2 rounds, 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest.
-Jumping Jacks, Claps, Hip to Hip Slams, Circles (simultaneously)

Battle Rope Complex #3: Perform 2 rounds, 20 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest.
-Rope Slam to Burpee
-Side Shuffle with alternating waves
-Broad Jump & Slams w/ Bunny Hop & Double Arm Waves
-Chops with Alternating Lunge Jumps

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