Discover the SHOCKING truth about detoxes and rapid weight-loss challenges

Discover the shocking truth about L-Carnitine's fat burning claims and see how it stacks up against a lesser known supplement Forskolin.

Which testosterone boosters should I buy? Why do people take testosterone? Because they feel it will give them bigger gains. Testosterone boosters are marketed to men to build muscles. While baseline levels are varied for men between 300-1200 most men feel that if they take a booster that will send their levels into the 1000s it will give them bigger gains. WRONG! While someone whose baseline is 300 may think

Everyone wants to be happy right? Psychology of weight loss Happiness Have you convinced yourself that you’ll be happy if you lost a certain amount of weight? There’s a major problem with this mentality. Psychology of weight loss Happiness First of all – happiness should be a state of being, not a consequence to something. If losing weight makes you happy, then it suggests you’re unhappy in general as a

Best Lifting Routine 5×5 What is the best weight lifting routine? When you go to the gym and observe others, you see the same old classic style of lifting: Splitting body parts into different days. A classic example would be like, chest/triceps monday, back/bicepts wednesday, legs friday, and abs somewhere in between. This isolation style of lifting is extremely popular and most articles online give different variations to this same

Weight Loss Tips Why you can’t get abs Diets, supplements, books, blogs, trainers, nutritionists… Why is it with all of the available strategies, people are unable to achieve true fat loss? The answer is simple Most fitness professionals have no idea how to actually help someone lose weight. Most of them are incapable of getting visible abs themselves. Unbiased scientists know that the answer doesn’t lie with any fad. They

The Truth about the weight gain on vacation… How to avoid Vacation Weight Gain! The first step is to realize you did NOT gain body fat. Just because you step on a scale and it shows a higher number, does not mean you gained that much fat. Naturally, if you ate more food, you’ll weigh more. The human body does NOT put on body fat that quickly, except for in

Is Cardio Good For Weight Loss? Discover what the latest research has to say about cardio’s relationship to Losing weight. Data clearly shows that purely doing cardio will produce a greater outcome of Losing weight than doing weight training alone, or weight training + cardio mix… Is Cardio Good For Weight Loss? However – weight loss is NOT fat loss. When you look in the mirror, you’re hoping to see

How does Protein shakes, Juicing, and Detoxes for weight loss work? So really why are you taking or doing Protein shakes, Juicing, and Detoxes for Weight loss? Protein Shakes Why are you taking it? Because your friend told you to? Because your trainer did? Because some blog you read said it was good for you? If you cannot give yourself a specific reason for what the protein shake is supposed to

What does the posing of an NGA Pro look like? Natty Bodybuilding Contest prep post workout pose down with UTG’s figure competitor Gale. 1 week out! Not only do we at UTG focus on weight loss but pushing out clients to their full potential. This includes our trainers and clients. We support all clients that wish to pursue bodybuilding! Featured is NGA Pro Bodybuilder Urosh (Russ) Tastic & our client