Discover the SHOCKING truth about detoxes and rapid weight-loss challenges

Discover the shocking truth about L-Carnitine's fat burning claims and see how it stacks up against a lesser known supplement Forskolin.

Which testosterone boosters should I buy? Why do people take testosterone? Because they feel it will give them bigger gains. Testosterone boosters are marketed to men to build muscles. While baseline levels are varied for men between 300-1200 most men feel that if they take a booster that will send their levels into the 1000s it will give them bigger gains. WRONG! While someone whose baseline is 300 may think

The Truth about the weight gain on vacation… How to avoid Vacation Weight Gain! The first step is to realize you did NOT gain body fat. Just because you step on a scale and it shows a higher number, does not mean you gained that much fat. Naturally, if you ate more food, you’ll weigh more. The human body does NOT put on body fat that quickly, except for in

How does Protein shakes, Juicing, and Detoxes for weight loss work? So really why are you taking or doing Protein shakes, Juicing, and Detoxes for Weight loss? Protein Shakes Why are you taking it? Because your friend told you to? Because your trainer did? Because some blog you read said it was good for you? If you cannot give yourself a specific reason for what the protein shake is supposed to

This video teaches the very basics of calorie reduction, and how to eat out and still lose weight.

Clean eating has very little to do with weight loss or health. Watch the most common myths about clean eating get debunked.