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Clean Eating Weight Loss

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Trying to eat "healthy" or "clean" may not have all the weight loss and health rewards that you have been told...


(0:00 - 1:39) Overview: How do we define "clean eating?"

(1:39 - 2:23) Are people getting better results by targeting only foods/ingredients that have never been altered or processed in any way?

(2:23 - 4:13) Should you only be looking to eat foods that are considered "nutritious?" & Are organic foods more nutritious than conventional foods?

(4:13 - 6:36) Is weight loss and optimal health all about the ideal ratio of carbs/proteins/fats?

(6:36 - 8:38) Will Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) harm you?

(8:38 - 11:35) What about synthetic food additives like preservatives and artificial sweeteners... dangerous?

(11:35 - 14:56) Are pesticides dangerous? Do organic foods come pesticide-free and gmo-free?

(14:56 - 15:30) Do organic foods taste better?

(15:30) Final recommendations: be careful about having a destructive relationship with food