30-Day Abs

Enroll in UTG'S 30-Day Abs Challenge


We are looking for highly motivated male and female students who are prepared to do what it takes to transform their body, and are committed to making a real change in their life with our 30-day abs Challenge.

Lets be honest. Not everyone can get to a 6-pack in 30 days. It depends on what your starting point is. However, if you're willing to make a true commitment to yourself, for 1 month, to work your butt off and do what it takes, we can guarantee you'll love the outcome. We can help you drastically reduce the body-fat around your stomach, flatten it out, and tone all your muscles!

The Ideal Student:

  Is frustrated with all the false fitness claims and misinformation

  Is between the ages of 18 - 55 (inquire if you fall outside this range)

  Can dedicate 60-minutes, 3-6 times per week to exercise

  Wants to lose weight, tone all muscles. gain energy, and feel AMAZING

  is committed to giving 110%

  Understands that there's no such thing as a "quick fix" fitness approach

 Is ready for real, positive, and lasting change

  Can follow an easy step-by-step meal and fitness plan, designed to burn fat, optimize the metabolism, build muscle, and tone

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Apply to Enroll in Our Program

We carefully assess your fitness history, genetic characteristics, and motor pattern capabilities to select the specific exercises needed for maximum muscle growth and thus a higher metabolic environment.

We then carefully craft an evidence-based 4-week periodized training block protocol, and combine it with a customized diet plan. Forget the fancy words - We'll do our part - You just have to show up and execute!

The 30-Day Abs Challenge Includes:

UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Training Sessions within the following schedule:

5am - 11am
4pm - 9:30pm
7am - 12pm
1-on-1 Exercise Education
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We'll start by teaching you proper form and execution with each exercise that we select for you. Proficiency is crucial for our unique progression model.

1-on-1 Diet & Nutrition Coaching
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We'll help you design and create a nutrition plan that is easy to execute, but also scientifically optimized to accelerate fat loss, tone all your muscles, and most importantly help you drop pounds of body-fat, especially around your stomach area.

continuous Support & Accountability
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We pretty much check in with you all the time. Even though you'll be spending most of your days training with us, we like to communicate a lot through text as well.

We will also schedule in weekly 10-minute Analysis & Feedback Sessions, to evaluate your overall progress and make any necessary modifications.

Money-Back Guarantee
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We have a 10-year proven track record. We have produced hundreds of success stories. We know the science, we know the psychology, we know how to keep you motivated and on track.

So - it's easy for us to say that you can ask for a refund any time. No strings attached, we really mean it.

The Cost to Enroll is $719

Ask to become a Case Study for a Discount! (Subject to Availability)

We have our own proprietary method that allows us to drive down the cost to you, without sacrificing quality. However, since we provide the highest level of attention to detail for every student, we have to limit how many clients we can take on. Lock in your spot now!