Best Lifting Shoes - Advanced Deadlift & Squat Tips

November 10, 2020

What are the best lifting shoes to use for deadlifts and squats?

What are the best lifting shoes?

Here we will specifically discuss the deadlift and squat.

If you are using traditional sneakers, then you are actually at a disadvantage.

The squat and deadlift put a lot of emphasis on your ability to "push" off the ground.

Traditional shoes provide a cushioned distance from the ground, which absorbs some of the force.

If you use wrestling shoes or powerlifting shoes, then you are minimizing the disadvantage.

It is also known that chuck taylors are low to the ground and have minimal cushioning at the sole... a cheaper option than actual wrestling and/or powerlifting shoes.

Alternatively, the least expensive option is to go barefoot.

October 7, 2021