Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement... for what?

November 10, 2020

Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement

Having a hard time finding the most effective supplement for weight loss? You're not alone, because no single product is really "the best." We're all different - what works for one person won't work for another. Read this article to avoid wasting money and dealing with unnecessary side-effects.

The right kind of weight loss supplement depends on many factors; including your age, gender, fitness history, and goals. Let's make this simple and talk about the 2 most important steps:

Step 1. Define your goal: Are you trying to lose a lot of weight, or are you just trying to get rid of those last few pounds – the “stubborn fat?”

Step 2. Define your obstacle: Do you have great diet and exercise adherence, but still can't seem to lose stubborn body-fat? Are you often hungry when you're on a diet? Do you tend to eat too much when stressed? Are you constantly giving in to your cravings?

Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement For 15+ Pounds

Let's say your diet is on point, you've maximized how much exercise you can do, and you haven't seen progress for at least 3 weeks...

7-Keto DHEA is not considered a stimulant, but can act like one on your metabolism. Limited evidence shows that 7-Keto may prevent your metabolism from slowing down while dieting.

most effective supplement for weight loss

Curcumin is a compound found within Tumeric that has been shown to promote all kinds of health benefits. It also looks promising as a weight-loss agent, especially for people with metabolic syndrome, but human trials are limited.

Forskolin might also help, but again the evidence is limited. It's possible that Forskolin is better for men, but women have benefited as well.

Inulin looks to be the most promising because it's less "risky" than 7-Keto and Forskolin, promotes many health benefits (it's a prebiotic fiber). It's backed by decades of research and has more weight-loss evidence than Curcumin, especially for (pre) diabetics. You can purchase Inulin from BulkSupplements by clicking this link.

Stubborn Fat-Loss

Get a hold of fat burners.

Avoid products that are called "fat burners" though, as they provide arbitrary "proprietary formulas" that combine a bunch of "could-work" ingredients. Such supplements claim to have “fat burning” characteristics, but really they are just stacking stimulants that might slightly increase your metabolism, but still won't directly affect body-fat.

Instead look for isolated compounds that have been clinically proven to amplify body-fat loss; especially around stubborn areas.

most effective weight loss supplement

Yohimbine HCL (YH) is arguably the best (legal) over-the-counter fat-burning agent. It's also more cost-effective when purchased in it's pure form, compared to the common "fat burners" that might incorporate it (many don't). These "fat burners" contain sub-optimal or undisclosed doses of YH, or instead they use Yohimbe Bark - not the same thing! You can purchase Yohimbine HCL from LiftMode by clicking this link.

Ephedrine + Caffeine Stack (EC) is probably the most popular option among body-builders. You can purchase these 2 ingredients for very little money, they work very nicely together, and are less likely to come with nasty side-effects than YH or other "fat burners."

If you have more than 15 pounds to lose, you are NOT dealing with stubborn body-fat!

We often underestimate how much body-fat we truly need to lose, so let's be clear... you need to have a flat stomach. You really should already be seeing your abs, otherwise you are not actually dealing with stubborn fat and should instead refer to the above section.

Stimulants are dangerous, possibly fatal, for people diagnosed with certain medical conditions, and/or people using specific medications. No medical advice is being given in this article, you should always speak to your doctor about these matters.

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Dealing with Hunger

Look for appetite suppressants, but be careful - many are stimulants.

Ephedrine is an effective appetite suppressant, and while there’s nothing particularly wrong with such a product, best to avoid if you’re sensitive to stimulants, if you have elevated blood pressure, if you have any kind of heart condition, or even if you suffer from mood swings.

5-HTP could be great as a non-stimulant appetite suppressant, however caution is advised here too, since it interacts with mood-based medications (SSRI's).

White Kidney Bean Extract (WKB) is a better option than 5-HTP, because it doesn't affect your mood and has been clinically shown to amplify weight loss. You can purchase WKB by clicking this link.

Inulin is probably the best choice here again, because it's effective like WKB and also provides other health benefits.

Emotional/Stress Eating

Do you often give in to your cravings? It's important for you to identify why - are you simply hungry, or are you instead having issues with discipline?

If it's hunger, refer to the above section, but if discipline is your obstacle, or if you're a stress-eater, you are more likely to benefit from behavior modification.

Stress reduction techniques are your best bet: meditation, journaling, leisure activities, exercise, adequate sleep, time management, therapy, and much more… These will also strengthen your willpower against cravings!

In addition to stress management tactics, a mood/cognitive enhancer could help.

You can go the prescription route by seeing a medical doctor, as some medications available these days combine mood enhancement, stress reduction, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and appetite/craving suppression, all in ONE! Contrave is a great example.

In terms of supplements, there many that have been clinically proven to reduce stress and help with cravings. Click here to read my article about Ashwagandha. Another great example is Rhodalia Rosea. Click here to purchase KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

Final Thoughts

Dietary supplementation should only be used as a final option to boost the effects from a pre-existing fitness routine.

Weight loss only happens when you're in a calorie deficit so if you're not monitoring your consumption and accordingly adjusting it, no supplement will help. You should also already be executing a well-designed lifting program, and in such a case, adding cardio to it would be the next step.

Bottom line: a supplement is worthless in comparison to becoming organized, reducing the amount of calories you eat, and moving more. Don't look for shortcuts - rather take the necessary steps to change your behavior.

Now - IF you’re already dieting and exercising properly and see obstacles that you want to break through, a supplement could help. I did mention quite a few here, but since everyone is different, you should contact me to find out which ones are best for you. I can also help you figure out the appropriate dose, timing, and other relevant instructions.

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