Psychology of weight loss Happiness

November 10, 2020

Everyone wants to be happy right?

Have you convinced yourself that you'll be happy if you lost a certain amount of weight?

There's a major problem with this mentality. Psychology of weight loss Happiness

First of all - happiness should be a state of being, not a consequence to something.

If losing weight makes you happy, then it suggests you're unhappy in general as a person.

Moreover, if your mood is reward-dependent, then that means you are also opening the possibility of being upset.

While there is nothing wrong with feeling emotions, ideally you are a stable person who is happy regardless of the weight.

Instead you should want to lose weight because it's the right thing to do, or because you know you can.

The second reason for anchoring happiness on this result, is it will be the EXACT REASON you don't lose weight (or keep it off).

This mentality makes you look for quick-fixes, which lead to rapid weight loss, and subsequent regain beyond your baseline...

Which in turn leads you to be more depressed, discouraged, and upset about your weight.

Having a sense of urgency when it comes to weight loss will guarantee you never succeed.

Psychology of weight loss Happiness

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October 7, 2021