Weight Loss Tips : Why you can't get abs

November 10, 2020

Weight Loss Tips

Why you can't get abs

Diets, supplements, books, blogs, trainers, nutritionists...

Why is it with all of the available strategies, people are unable to achieve true fat loss?

The answer is simple

Most fitness professionals have no idea how to actually help someone lose weight. Most of them are incapable of getting visible abs themselves.
Unbiased scientists know that the answer doesn't lie with any fad. They do not create a dichotomy of good food versus bad food.

They actually understand that weight loss should be achieved by any means necessary.

The best diet is the one you don't know you're on.

Eating a lot of food and having flexibility with your routine is not just the best way to lean out, but rather the ONLY WAY.

Why you can't get abs

Most of us are suffering from the "forbidden food mentality."

We judge the foods we like (ie. donuts, pizza, and fries) and label them as "bad food."

So when someone finally gets motivated to lose weight, often they tell themselves "okay no more bad food."

The problem is, now this person made those foods scarce - and pretty much set a timer for when he/she will reintroduce that food and binge.

It is much more realistic to create a long-term plan that incorporates all food in a balanced manner.

If you get to abs eating pizza, then you don't really have to worry about potentially regaining weight when you "start eating pizza again."

Besides this fact, plenty of data shows us that flexible dieters are thing, while rigid dieters are not.


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